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Old town of Corfu

Corfu’s cultural identity is a charming blend of Greek and Western culture. Its history including 411 years Venetian, 7 years French and 50 years of British rule is evident in the influences seen in its traditional settlements, the town, customs and traditions.

The Old Town of Corfu, a World Heritage Site since 2007, takes the visitor on a journey through the centuries through the winding streets passing through small squares and large ones – such as the emblematic Spianada with the Liston building and the Town Hall Square where San Giacomo, the first lyrical theatre in Greece dominates.

Full of beautiful restaurants, bars, cafes and delicious ice cream parlours, the Old Town has something for everyone and always something new to discover.

The countryside of Corfu and the coastline is in a word, heavenly. Abundant vegetation, endless olive groves, mountains, plains and lakes – wetlands, blue waters and embroidered bays, all alternating with each other for a new experience every day.

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Easter in Corfu

Easter in Corfu is the most spectacular and solemn Easter in Greece and the whole of Orthodoxy.

The town is the setting for the marching Philharmonic bands who play the leading role, charging the atmosphere mournfully and after the first Resurrection, joyfully! Mournful marches such as Adajjo, Calde Lacrime and Hamlet are succeeded by the triumphant sounds of the march as soon as the ‘boti’ are smashed and Easter is underway.

The ‘boti’ or clay pots are broken every Easter Saturday at exactly 11am. All the inhabitants of the houses come out to their balconies and windows and throw clay pots which smash on the ground, while the crowd is thrilled by the spectacle, sheltered under the arches of the Venetian buildings. That same evening, in Spianada square thousands of people gather for the Resurrection Mass and at exactly midnight are entranced by a spectacular fireworks display for the Resurrection of Christ.

Corfu cuisine

The cuisine of Corfu has mainly Venetian influences and is based on local agricultural and animal products.

The dishes you should try are Pastitsada, Sofrito, Bianco and Bourdeto. The first two are meat dishes, the second two with fish.  All are cooked with pure virgin olive oil. Finish your meal with kumquat liqueur, the now traditional fruit of Corfu which arrived from the Far East two centuries ago.

Excellent local products worth tasting are the Gruyere cheese and the butter of Corfu, the local wine such as the Lefkimmi variety, candied bergamot and of course the pure virgin olive oil.

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